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Haladon Technologies
Proactive Around the Clock Protection
Your clients depend on their IT assets to operate thier business, however maintaining and managing these investments can be costly, complicated and time consuming – distracting them from thier core business activities and using up resources. Our ISO 27001 Certified, turn-key MSP offerings allow you to provide the highest levels of IT support to your clients.

Increased Operational Efficiency

A true 24/7 follow the sun approach ensures we provide the best possible reliability for your clients IT resources at the best possible costs. With our global Network Operations Centers your clients are always being supported by first shift technicians. We can identify problem areas and address them before your client is even aware they exist, resulting in reduced disruptions to your client and their employees. Preventative maintenance is regularly performed to ensure IT assets are performing at their peak and any small issues are resolved before they impact the user experience.

IT Expertise 

Investing in building your own Network Operations Center (NOC), buying tools, or constantly adding head count to monitor and remediate IT issues is a large task. By partnering and leveraging our offerings you gain dedicated, highly competent and certified IT experts that stay on top of new technology and your clients network on a 24/7 basis. We deliver this in a fashion that is transparent to your clients so they never see this as a third party service. The offering will dramatically reduce your clients IT costs while increasing your value and revenues with your client base. We eliminate issues with headcount, technical staff utilization rates, certification, training costs, and turnover.

Complete Management and Reporting 

By partnering with Haladon Technologies you will have access to regular reporting covering overall health of supported technology as well as trouble tickets and service requests for each of your clients. These reports provide a complete picture on services and overall health of the IT infrastructure. In additition our reporting helps you to illustrate the value of the program and resell the strength of the offerrings you provide to your clients.
Program Key Elements…

• 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of critical IT infrastructure processes and parameters in a true follow the sun model

• Reports on alerts, trouble tickets, service requests, and patching readily available from secure web portal

• Service Level Agreements that are designed for quick escalations and provide for fast problem resolution

• All services performed on servers are recorded and attached to trouble tickets for full accountability or for training

• Haladon Technologies’ services includes moves, adds and changes to help maintain IT infrastructure

• Over 95% of client network issues resolved through remote remediation with no noticable decrease in end user performance